Drum roll please - my Branston Pickle gets judged

James has a love for all things British; from Marmite, Yorkshire Gold looseleaf tea to Branston pickle. As fall descends and the weather gets cooler I start to crave comfort foods, so I decided to make an old favourite - Steak and Guinness Pie, so that we could test the Branston pickle I made earlier this week.

I knew the pie would be a hit but how would the pickle measure up to his old favourite. I didn't use the browning so I knew the appearance would be much different...but it was the flavour I was most interested in. So if you have someone in your home who loves the Branston and you are wondering if the end result is worth the time it takes, here is his verdict.

Not as sweet and sticky as his store bought
You can taste the individual flavours more (which is not a bad thing)
Can taste the freshness

We made it through almost a half a jar already, so I think he has given it a thumbs up which at the end of the day was what I was going for :).