Thinking Outside of the Box

It's simple really. I love preserving - every step in the process is enjoyable to me. Especially the sharing it with friends, but most of all the eating it! If there was a way I could put my career in marketing and social media behind me and do it full time I would. In fact I have explored the possibility.

I found a couple of farmer's markets that were interested in me joining them and selling my preserves there. It sounded like fun and a great way to connect with my community. But did you know that in order to sell your preserves in the Greater Toronto Area you had to have prepared them in a commercial kitchen. It was news to me. Did you know that renting a commercial kitchen is not cheap. I have been crunching the numbers and you would have to sell a LOT of jam to cover the costs of the kitchen rental, the supplies (from ingredients to jars) and your time at the different markets.

So I was pleased to read an article recently that spoke about a few places that are giving preserves the culinary attention they deserve. I love the idea of a Jam Tasting Room where preserves are served on hour glass shaped spoons and the jams are prepared by a 'jamprentice'. Republic of Jam is thinking outside of the box and bringing some 'sexy' to preserving. Way to go!

Perhaps my dream is not a dead end after all?