When something simple makes it all worthwhile


I have what could be considered a bad habit. Every day while I eat my breakfast before work I check twitter, facebook and the news. Then I spend most of my day plastered to my computer at work, then I come home and write a blog post or do some research or head to the commercial kitchen to create something tasty.

There are a couple of potential bad habits hidden in the above paragraph:

1) checking facebook and twitter every day first thing in the morning

2) checking it while I am eating my breakfast really has to stand alone as a potential bad habit all on it's own

3) I seem to never stop and work almost all the time (with an episode of The Wire thrown in as relaxation ;)

At times, I question whether something needs to change. Then, this morning this was posted on my wall and made all those questions disappear. I do what I do because I love it and I believe that comes across in each and every jar of Manning Canning.