Fighting the Winter Blah's

It has been a foggy grey week in November. The leaves have all fallen off the trees, the grass is turning yellow and the air is damp and cold enough to give me a permanent chill. It is the start of my least favourite season – Winter. I know it is all downhill from here and there is nothing I can do to stop the slip, slip slide down into January and February.

At the moment I am still fighting the cold that slowly pulls my shoulders up closer to my ears. But by the time January rolls around the fight will be gone and I will be clinging to the glimmer of hope that is spring.

It is at this time of year that my commute to my job becomes a real drain. The monotony of the routine – alarm rings, shower, eat, dress, drive to the station, get on the train, shuffle off with all the other commuters, walk to the office, work, calls, meetings, emails, walk back to the train station in the DARK, get on the train, drive back home. Repeat.

So this week as I could feel the grip of fall/winter starting to tighten around my throat I decided I still had some fight left in me. There is only one way to rise above it all and that is to search for inspiration on my commute. Instead of completing the routine in an almost robotic trance, I am looking up, sideways and behind me and taking photos of what grabs my eye.