Helping Hands

Some days I am amazed at how helpful the people I have been meeting over the past few months have been. As I wade through the maze of nutrition labels, commercial kitchens and subjects like liability insurance some days I wonder if I will ever get it all figured out.

Last week a friend of mine introduced me virtually to Vivian of Barclays Wine Jelly and told me that she was willing to chat with me about the ins and outs of getting started and the things that she has learned along the way. I made a list of the questions I had and picked up the phone yesterday to give her a call. She was open, honest about her experiences to date. Has offered to hook me up with the person who helped her sort out her nutrition labelling, we talked about going in together on orders for jars and we are even going to swap some preserves.

I can't wait to put together a small package of my different preserves for her and I most certainly can't wait to get some of her delicious wine jellies!