That's not Branston Pickle

I made Branson pickle at the end of last year and it was filled with wonderful fresh ingredients; rutabega, cauliflower, granny smith apple, carrots, onion, garlic, zucchini just to name a few. It also has one of my personal favourites in it - malt vinegar. I gave it out to several friends as a Christmas gift and a bit of a test to see what people thought. Now if you have never had Branston Pickle, it is great with cheeses, in a ploughman's lunch or sandwich, as an aside to chicken pot pie, etc. It has a nice crunch with a tiny bit of kick.

Several rave reviews came back and even requests for me to make more. But this was all from people who had never had the traditional British Branston Pickle.

This recipe is delicious and the name alone would make it an easier sell to diehard Branston fans who tend to get right indignant with impersonators. You can count my British Mother in Law in that group. She liked the flavour but said quite strongly "That's not Branston Pickle!".

But I didn't let her rather harsh, but still much appreciated review get me down. I spoke to others who had received it as a gift and it was liked by all of them. So just this week in the commercial kitchen I made 3 large batches.

The trick now is to find a new name. British Brown Pickle sounds so drab and unappealing. I have been struggling with what to label this rather delicious preserve and have come to a dead end.

So for the person who helps me name it - there is a delicious jar of "I can't believe it's not Branston" or "Branston Pickle" or "British Brown Pickle" in it for you.