Thank you Reesor Farm Kitchen

Yesterday my cell phone rang in the middle of the afternoon. How could I have known that answering that call would put such a huge smile on my face and make me feel as giddy as a school girl all afternoon. I wish I could say that I handled the news in a much more sophisticated manner, but the cold hard truth is that I felt a complete rush of giddiness and wanted to call everyone I knew simultaneously while tweeting and posting the news on Facebook.

My very FIRST order for my preserves from a store. Samples had gone up 4-5 days ago and when I hadn't heard anything I assumed they had taken a pass, but then the call came and instead of taking a pass, they placed an order.

So as of Tuesday, March 20th you will be able to find my Sweet n' Spicy Pickled Carrots and my Spicy Pickled Green Beans at Reesor Farm Kitchen. Now I just have to hope their customers enjoy them and the orders continue.

Thank you Reesor Farm Kitchen for first off liking what I do enough to order and second for taking a chance on me. :)