Planning my Garden

For the past 2 months every morning when the bedroom curtains get opened I have found myself staring at the blank patch of soil that last summer was my garden. I have plotted, planned and re-planned my garden for this summer numerous times over the winter. Last year we grew tomatoes, leek, green onions, and a few flowers indoors from seed and transplanted them out into the garden in late May. I chose what I wanted to grow mostly based on what I wanted to be able to eat. But this year things are going to be a bit different.

The garden awoke taste buds that I feel had been dormant for years. Finally, carrots that actually tasted like carrots and leeks that were so flavourful that made me eyes water. This year the first thing that is going to change is the SIZE of the garden. It is going to get doubled if not tripled in size. Living in the suburbs has to have some perks, right?

But the second thing that is going to change is what I grow. It is not going to just be about what I want to eat now, but it is going to be about what I want to preserve now so I can eat it in November and December and so I can sell it at the markets.

So when I got the notice that this Saturday at Evergreen Brickworks is Seedy Saturday, my weekend plans began to take shape instantly. I may not have heirloom seeds to trade, but I certainly have an appetite for seeds to buy.

I went out into the yard yesterday and walked around the patch that will be my new and improved bigger garden this summer and started to think about the tomatoes, the green beans, the zucchini and all of the fresh herbs that would soon be providing me with food that actually tastes like the food from my childhood. I can't wait to pick them, wash them and eat them.

I have made my list for Saturday and now I just have to patiently wait for it to arrive.