The beauty of preserves

So I love making preserves for a lot of different reasons. Raspberry jam is possibly one of my all time favourites because I love every step of the process. From walking up and down a raspberry patch with a plastic bucket and picking the berries (eating more than I save) to mashing them up, to making the jam to spreading it on my toast with a little melted butter. Pickled Green Beans it is all about the final product. Having a crisp and spicy pickled green bean floating in a nice spicy Caeser drives me to make jar after jar of them. Caramelized Onion and Roasted Garlic Jam it all comes down to smell. The smell of onions caramelizing drives me crazy with hunger and most times when I roast the garlic I roast a clove or two just to spread on a baguette. Spicy Tomato Jam ranks up high on the list as well. I have enjoyed growing the tomato plants from seed and knowing that what ends up in the jars is grown from my own garden with no pesticides makes me savour each and every bite. I could go on and on.

But then we come to Jalapeno Jelly. I find making jellies in general therapeutic. I love straining the jelly over and over again to ensure the final product is almost crystal clear. The entire process takes several days as the jelly needs to sit for a few days so the sediment settles on the bottom and I think I enjoy the pace of it. And yes the final product tastes delicious. A spoonful of this jelly with cream cheese on a cracker is heavenly.

But Jalapeno Jelly is GORGEOUS, it is as simple as that. I make jalepeno jelly because I love to look at it. I would line my window sills with jars of it and just sit and watch as the sun shines through. In fact that is exactly what I found myself doing this morning with my latest batch.