Taste Testers Wanted

Throughout the months of September, October and November Manning Canning is going to be busy in the test kitchen experimenting with new recipes to see how they can be improved, bring out new flavours, reduce the amounts of sugar used, etc. But we are also going to pit recipes against one another to see which recipe is the better of the two.

If you believe yourself to have a discerning palette, are willing to taste test several different preserves; be it pickle, jam, relish or jelly and are also willing to share your honest feedback and have me share it with others in any of my on-line spaces, let me know. Unfortunately at this point in time, I can only open this opportunity up to those in the Greater Toronto Area. Just enter your name and why you are interested in being a Manning Canning Taste Tester in the comment section below as well as the best way to contact you.

And if you are interested, the first recipe battle will be Peach Preserves vs Canned peaches in a light syrup.