Preserved Peaches vs Peaches in light syrup

I was kind of panicking last week when I realized that it was mid August and I still had not canned my yearly stash of peaches. A couple of months ago I opened my last jar of peaches that I had put away this time last year and there was no way I was going to go a full year without a steady supply.

I went out and bought fresh Ontario peaches, laid them out on my table in the basement and sat down to peruse some recipes to decide what I would do with them this year.

I have my 'go to' recipe of peaches in a light syrup that I make every year. It is tried and true, but surely there are other delicious things to do with peaches besides this and jam.

I came across a recipe for Preserved Peaches and the fact that it contained pectin caused me to pause and think about what it might taste like. I decided I needed to find out. Over the next couple of days the kitchen was a flurry of activity as I blanched, peeled, sliced and preserved peaches. I now have several cases of both recipes in my cool room and in a couple of weeks time once the flavours have settled I will be giving each of the amazing 'taste tester' volunteers a jar of each to try and review. At that point in time, I will share the recipes as well as the reviews from the taste testers.

Taste testers - get your forks or spoons ready. Your first samples will be ready in early September.