Ninja Cooking System versus the Slowcooker

I have always loved the idea of running. In my mind it is the perfect exercise. You don't need a gym membership, in fact you can even do it while on holiday. Just pack your runners and you are set - you hit the roads and can be alone with your thoughts. I always romanticized that as you ran you could sort out all your life problems. Well, I have tried running on numerous occasions and I HATE it! It is torture. I find it boring and to be honest, I would rather get my exercise any other way possible.

The same can be said about the slow cooker. It always sounded like such a convenient way to get dinner prepared. Prepare it the night before, turn it on in the morning and all of the cooking and magic happens while you are at the office. You can come home after a long day, take off your coat and quite literally eat as soon as your shoes are off.

I inherited a slow cooker when my husband and I got together and I thought "Aha, now is my chance". In fact, we even bought a slow cooker recipe book. But I HATED it. It was a nuisance. There was always something that needed to be fried in a separate pan, or microwaved before it was placed in the slow cooker and even though the recipes I tried claimed to be 100% tested and true, nearly everthing I made ended up tasting almost exactly the same.

Now, I already own the Ninja Blender and I have told almost anyone who mentions the word blender that they need to buy this piece of kitchen equipment. It is amazing! Has huge capacity, blends up ice like it was butter and blends the perfect protein shake or margharita, depending on your need at the time of day ;). So when Ninja sent me their brand new Ninja Cooking System, I was thrilled and couldn't wait to try it.

Somehow months passed and the cooking system remained in the box. Ninja sent me fabulous recipes and inquiries on my thoughts on the system and still I did not get around to cracking open that box. I was SO busy with my full time job and then things exploded with Manning Canning and I could barely keep up with demand and my husband stepped in and quite literally took over the job of making most meals, bless him!

Well this week, I could take it no longer. I needed to know what was so special about this kitchen appliance.


First off - forget about ever having to microwave another ingredient you use in a traditional slow cooker recipe or pull out a frying pan, because this bad boy has a stovetop setting so you can brown your onions and garlic, etc right inside the cooking system. Score 1 for the ninja.

Then there is the fact this this is NOT just a slow cooker. You can steam roast, steam bake and there is even an oven function. As I made my first meal in the ninja, I could quite literally feel myself falling in love.

The final functionality really scored some points with me; the buffet function. It allows you to keep the meal you prepared warm should someone in the family need to eat at a different time or if you are having an open house or even a superbowl party.

Now I look forward to perfecting some of the slow cooker recipes I have made in the past and trying some of the fabulous recipes that Ninja has shared with me.