Top 3 Cranberry Sauce recipes

I have to be honest with you, I didn't even like cranberry sauce until about 2 years ago. I suppose I am a late bloomer. But I don't really recall it playing a regular role in our Thanksgiving dinners and my earliest memory of it was seeing it slid out of a tin can into a bowl and then mashed around with a spoon. Perhaps that image scarred me and my eyes spoke to my tastebuds telling them that they could not possibly like something that maintained the shape of the can it was once in.

Whatever the reason, I remember countless thanksgiving dinners in my adult life where I would noticeably cringe when the bowl of cranberry sauce would get handed to me. There was NO way any of that was coming anywhere near my plate or more importantly my delicious turkey.

Then a couple of years ago, I was given a sandwich made with leftover Thanksgiving turkey (which by the way is the best part about Thanksgiving in general) and for some reason I didn't even ask what was in the sandwich, I just opened wide and sank my teeth in. My tastebuds shrieked, but not with horror, they were shrieking in sheer delight. The turkey in combination with the tartness of the cranberries was amazing. My mouth watered in between bites at the anticipation of the flavour combination that awaited me.

That was the day I realized what I had been missing out on for all of these years. I am now officially a cranberry sauce lover.

The list of cranberry sauces that I want to make is long. There are endless flavour combinations and just when I think I have found my new favourite, I stumble upon another recipe that turns me upside down.

At the moment, these are the 3 that are top of my list.

Cranberry Sauce with Juniper and Orange

The description of the flavour of pine being balanced by honey and brown sugar sounds like fall in a jar. I also love that this sauce remains tart in flavour.


Cranberry Sauce with Cinnamon and Cloves

I love cinnamon, especially in the fall months. It is a flavour that makes me feel warm and cozy even when it is cool and dark outside. The combination of apple and orange with the cranberry is a twist that makes this sauce worthy of a try.


Moroccan Cranberry Sauce 

I have found that people either love or hate preserved lemon. I fall into the 'love' category, so really anything that includes preserved lemon intrigues me as I am always curious about new ways to incorporate it into dishes.

Happy Thanksgiving and save me some leftover turkey!