Top 3 Reasons to look forward to Spring

So many wonderful things happened today. First, the clocks went forward so we officially have an extra hour of daylight. For some people, that might not seem like such a big thing. But for me - it really signifies the END OF WINTER. Second, I opened my bedroom window to let in some fresh air and wasn't immediately cold. Third, when I opened the window there was a symphony of bird songs in the backyard. Fourth, I noticed the tulips were starting to poke their heads up in the front yard. Like I said - wonderful.things.happened. Oh yes, they did!

And all of these things started me thinking about all of the things I love about spring. Here are my top 3.

Chive Flower Blossom Vinegar


 Growing Tomatoes from Seed


Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb

Why are you looking forward to Spring?