Gone Fishing

Tomorrow, James and I are off to St. Lucia. Betty already senses that something is up and her ears are down and forward and she is shuffling from one end of the house to the other with a serious pout on her face. But she will light up like a Christmas tree as soon as she realizes that her Uncle Craib is coming to take care of her.

I am having mixed emotions about my decision not to take my cell phone or ipad with me on this trip. I need to disconnect and decompress but as the hour creeps closer I almost twitch with the anxiety of disconnection.

But as soon as I am sitting on the balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea all will be right with the world.

This post is just to let you all know there will be nothing but silence on the Manning Canning front for the next week. So if you send an email, have an inquiry or need to place an order - please be patient. I will respond as quickly as I can after I have returned.

Until then, enjoy your week and remember with each passing day we are one day closer to spring and gardens and fresh raspberries!