Fantastic Day at Withrow Market

It was my first day back at Withrow Farmer's Market, so it was up and at 'em this morning. It was a windy and cool day even though the sun was out but it was fantastic to see some old familiar faces and meet some new people even if I had to hop back and forth from one foot to the next just to stay warm.

It was a particularly special day for me because my mom and my Auntie Dena who drove all the way out from BC and Alberta were there with me...they were my sample ladies and it was great for them to see Manning Canning in action even though they threatened to go on strike due to poor working conditions due to weather. Ha.

I continue to read through my Grandma Manning's journal and her entries for today in the years 1937-1942 were as follows:

May 25, 1938

Public speaking with Grandpa in Bennet wagon. Jeanne 2nd and Rita placed 2nd in elocution. Haverstock judge and critic. Very good. Kenny lost purse and 90 cents.

May 25, 1939

Sunshine at last. Iron in the forenoon. Finish seeding garden in afternoon. Roy ploughing, ride to Delange after supper

May 25, 1940

Hot and windy. Dust blowing. Francis discing in forenoon. Take her and Jeanne in for permanent at noon. Back for them in evening and get mine done as well. Delange stuck in truck in grade. Get tractor to pull them out.

May 25, 1941

Sun and cloudy. Light shower in morning and evening. Help Frnaces with lessons. Allan does gymnastics in hay loft. Snow in southern Alberta. Little chicks in pig pen.

May 25, 1942

Cloud and cloudy. Roy drilling last of Harrison place. Jeanne and Rosemary ride on magpie hunt - 12 feet, 11 eggs. Charlie and Ken hoe rhubarb and strawberries, then off to magpie hunt. Peas up. Carol and I seed pumpkins

For the record, this was the house my grandpa, grandma and 11 children lived in. Wow.