Checking in on Grandma Manning

For those of you who read my blog on a regular, semi-regular or even occasional basis you may have stumbled upon posts about my Grandma Manning as there have been a few ever since my mom shared her journal with me.

What was she up to on September 12th? Well, lets just see.

September 12, 1937

Went to mass this morning. Feeling better. Clear and hot. DeLange children over for the afternoon.

September 12, 1938

Clear and hot. Big washing. Roy works all day getting car apart. Drive shaft broken. To town for new one. Bring home peaches, prunes and pears. New boiler. Boys so hot take off shirts.

September 12, 1939

Cool and cloudy. Roy at shop in afternoon. Brings old engine home to saw wood. Erol and grandpa come down. Unable to get engine started. Carol Ann sick with stomach flu. Rosemary so enthused over school.

September 12, 1940

Clear and hot. Children hurry home from school. Jeanne finishes hat. Rita her thrift problem. Frances cutting, Roy stooking on far quarter.

September 12, 1941

Cloudy and misty. Bake cake for lunch but too wet to continue. Start again in afternoon. Men for lunch and supper. Girls put Dennis' quilt together to his immense pride. Erol in town. Gets out crate prunes and pears. $1.35 pears. Box crabs $1.00