Jammy gift boxes


In just a few short days I will be hopping on a plane headed to Jolly Ol' England to visit my husband's 96 year old gran who lives in North Devon in a quaint little town called South Molton.

I lived in England for a year many moons ago, so England is filled with fond memories of things like the Glastonbury Music Festival, going back stage to meet bands like Suede, Shed Seven and Blur. And it is where I fell madly and truly in love with tea. It also made me a bit of a tea 'snob'. Yes, I can openly and without shame admit that tea that comes in a bag and is labelled Tetley or Red Rose, really isn't tea. My tea must be loose leaf and of high quality. What can we say - we all have our weaknesses.

In England, tea seems to be the answer to all of lifes little problems. Just spent an hour in your car when the drive should have only taken 10 minutes - sit down and have a cup of tea. Have an awful day at work - let me make you a nice hot cup of tea.

So when I got to thinking about what I could take Grandma Betty as a little gift all my ideas revolved around tea and of course Manning Canning.

I will be adding these little jammy gift boxes to my holiday gift boxes that are available. You can mix and match which 4 products you want in the box according to your personal desires. Each box will sell for between $18-25 depending on product chosen.

And of course, Grandma Betty will be getting a box with 4 spare jars of jam, so when she has the ladies over for tea and a pastry of their choice, they will have a selection of Manning Canning jams and jellies to choose from. I think it is the perfect little gift idea.