Thanksgiving horseradish


For the past few days I have been out in Beautiful British Columbia at my eldest sister's house spending time with my mom who is recovering from 2 back to back surgeries this year. We've been soaking up the amazing views that surround my sister's home and enjoying being surrounded by nature.

When my sister Monica suggested we spend part of the day making horseradish from the wild horseradish that grows in abundance on her property, you have to know that my answer was out of my mouth before she even finished asking the question. YES, YES, YES!

I couldn't think of a better way to spend thanksgiving than with my mom and my sister doing what I love to do most - preserving. It really was a magical day and it reminded me of the reasons I find preserving to be so rewarding and what made me fall in love with the process in the first place.

Spending the day digging in dirt, peeling, chopping and laughing with family. Working hard, but feeling such a tremendous feeling of accomplishment when you look at the finished product all lined up in jars. Knowing that throughout the winter when you crack that jar open you will remember the afternoon spent in the cool October air making memories with family.

Who knew that something that could burn your eyes and make you cry could also make you smile?


Our first step was simple...we walked out into their alfalfa field and dug up the wild horseradish that grows there. I couldn't believe how much of it was there and wish that I had an empty suitcase with me to bring some of this stuff home.

Once it was all collected, we laid it out on the grass and sprayed the dirt off of it to help make it easier to peel.

With three people on the job, peeling it was easy. My sister used a carrot peeler, but to get the job done quickly, I chose to assist with a spoon. I found it peeled just like ginger with a spoon.


Then we cubed the peeled ginger and measured it out according to the recipe. Now, I have never made horseradish before, so for our recipe, we turned to the experts at Canadian Living.

The best part about the whole experience and the part that really put me in touch with my Italian heritage was the gas stove in the garage that my sister has hooked up to a propane tank. Made me wish we were spending the day with the garage door open making tomato sauce!


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and did something you LOVE!