Three Heart Warming Christmas Preserves

It is not that I hate winter, I just don't particularly like it. The days are too short, the evenings too dark. But mostly, winter is just too cold. No matter what I wear, how many layers I put on, I step outside and instantly my shoulders are up round my ears, my jaw is clenched and I am angry. Angry because I spend 6 months of the year feeling cold.

But enough complaining, right? To combat the cold, I find I am drawn to rib sticking food like meat loafs, steak pies, lasagna, roasts. Gone are the Quinoa salads of summer.

The same is true with the preserves I am most drawn to making. Nutmeg and cinnamon come into rotation a lot more. Ginger and apples. Oh and lets not forget the warming effects of booze ;).


It is for this very reason that I am drawn to the following recipes that just sound perfect for the winter months and for holiday meals.

Christmas Cranberry Gin

Spiced Clementine Preserve

Sugared Plums

I hope if you try any of them that you will report back to me with whether they brought some warmth to your winter months.