The retirement of Miss Cackles

On Friday, I met with one of the students at George Brown who is working on a Digital Marketing Strategy for Manning Canning. See - Manning Canning has been chosen by the Marketing program there to be the recipient of customized Digital Marketing Strategy. How lucky am I?

We covered many different topics in our brief check in meeting, but the one that stuck with me and that I knew I needed to kick into action sooner rather than later was the inevitable retirement of my social media handle @misscackles.

I joined twitter well before Manning Canning was even a twinkle in these lovely brown eyes of mine and never even considered the switch when the business started.

But now that we are growing, it is time to @misscackles to retire gracefully and allow @manningcanning to take centre stage.

If you follow me and are wondering where I went...I am still out there. Just follow the laughter and you will find me.