The man behind the preserves

Almost a year ago, I left my full time marketing job to pursue Manning Canning full time. It was a big decision and one that I did not make lightly. Nor, did I make it alone. My husband James had been telling me for months that it was time to move past marketing and give Manning Canning the chance that it deserved. But I was full of reservations and questions. But with his support, I finally pushed those reservations aside and found answers to the questions I needed.

Well almost a year into this wonderful adventure, it is time for me to give props to the man that gave me the courage to do it.

Not only did he help me transition from standing on the edge of the cliff - to finally having the gumption to jump, but he has played an important part in Manning Canning's success.

He may not be in the kitchen helping me make preserves or be a part of the day to day management of the business. But he is the man behind the preserves. He helps me navigate complicated situations and he is my sounding board. He has allowed my business to take over rooms in the house. He has been understanding when during the summer I am just a blur that runs through the house in between kitchen days, farmer's markets and shows. He helps me load the car, unload the car, carry HEAVY boxes of preserves up and down stairs and you may even have seen him standing under the tent with me at a farmer's market or two. Even when the wind is blowing and the rain is streaming down.

James has been the unseen hero of Manning Canning and for that I am naming him:

Volunteer of the Year.