It's that time of year - Chive Flower Blossom Vinegar


Ok...I have to confess something to you. I get perhaps a little too excited about chives. This year as the chives in our garden started to emerge from the cold earth, my husband said 'Do we really need all of these chives? Couldn't we plant something else here?'

To say that I over reacted is an understatement. But I practically saw RED. He has lived with me for long enough to know that every year I make the most BEAUTIFUL chive flower vinegar and that seeing those flowers turning the vinegar a lovely shade of pink almost makes my toes curl up with happiness.

'NO, WE WILL NOT BE GETTING RID OF ANY CHIVES' was my very soft and flowery response. I think he got the message ;).

Want to make your own chive flower vinegar, simply click here and follow the easy instructions from a previous post ;).