Getting ready to preserve - what do you need to know

For the past 4 years I have been teaching preserving classes at The Depanneur the last Monday of every month and this month will be no exception.

With the arrival of Spring and the excitement that the warmth and the sunshine brings I thought the timing was perfect to once again share some of the posts I have written in the past that will help prepare the new preserver for the up and coming harvest.

Preserving recipes - some things in a recipe are more important than others. This post will help you really understand what you need to pay particular attention to, so that each batch of jam turns out perfectly.

Preserving terms - if you are new to preserving some of the terms can be confusing. Headspace, burp your jars....say what?

What if you don't want to use sugar? - Several jam recipes are high in sugar. What is you don't want to use as much the recipe calls for...will your jam still be safe to eat?

Now you can start counting down the days til Asparagus, Strawberries, Cucumbers and so much more are in season.