Now Available at Grilltime Gourmet Meat Shop

Perhaps one day as the business grows, my excitement will fade when a new store begins to carry Manning Canning products but somehow I doubt it. I literally just dropped off my first order to Grilltime Gourmet Meat Shop at 62 Laird Drive.

I was introduced to Andy (owner) through Peter Visima (so thank you Peter) and I remember the first time I walked through the door's at Grilltime I was overwhelmed by all of the delicious smells coming off their grill. Andy's big smile and warm welcome made me feel more like I was in his home than in his meat shop and we chatted like we were long time friends.

Here's hoping his customers enjoy my Spicy Zucchini Relish, Angry Pickled Garlic, Onion and Garlic Jam and Spicy Pickled Celery as much as the customers at both Withrow and Appletree Farmer's Markets have. The quicker they sell, the sooner I can be back in the commercial kitchen with Jack and Jill (my new steam kettle friends).