Ginger Pears

I fell in love over the summer - with my garden. The fact that the carrots from my garden actually taste like 'carrots'. I think I had forgotten how full their flavour could be when they aren't from a bag. From there, things kind of steam rolled. I had made some home made jam last year; raspberry, peach and concorde grape jelly. But this year it has almost turned into an obsession. Pickled green beans, apple tomato chutney, pickled green tomatoes, raspberry jam, ginger pears, preserved peaches and the list just seems to be going on and on. James is my official taster and so far I have been hearing a lot of 'hmmmm's' which is good news.

I love to cook and the process of canning and preserving is really enjoyable and peaceful to me. It is bringing my tastebuds to life and now I find I struggle buying anything canned. I always think that I can make it better and will know where the food has come from and that there have been no pesticides used.

I think I am turning into my mother...and that is not a bad thing ;)