WIN Free time in our kitchens

In November of 2014 when we opened the doors at Manning Canning Kitchens, we honestly had no idea what to expect. In the past 16 months we have seen some truly inspiring food entrepreneurs pass through our doors. From prepped meal companies such as Chowdy, who started in our kitchen making 200 meals a week who have grown so much they are graduating at the end of April into their very own facility. To our friends at Bombay Street Food who started with a stall at East York Farmer's market and in April are opening their very own restaurant on Bay Street.

When I started my preserves business, I quickly discovered that the biggest barrier to my growth was going to be access to commercial kitchen space. I was very fortunate to find East Scarborough Storefront and get access to 4 free hours a week in their wonderful commercial kitchen and when I graduated from there, I went to the kitchen of my local butcher shop, who gave me access to their steam kettles at a ridiculously fair rate. Without both of these wonderful finds, I am not sure my business would be today.

So we decided we wanted to give back to the wonderful food community that supported us when we were just getting started by giving away free time in our kitchen.

The contest will be judged by an all star cast of food entrepreneurs, including Matt Basile (Fidel Gastro Street Food Co.), Erin Maynes (, Cheryl Appleton (Canadian Women in Food), Kim Antonius (Pitchfork Company/Fairmount Park Farmers Market) and Peter Neal (Neal Brothers Food Inc.)

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Family Feud - pickled onions

I fear to this question that there really is no 'right' answer. But yet I must ask it anyhow.

Is my husband's grans recipe for pickled onions better than my Aunt's recipe for pickled onions?

It has been an on-going arguement or shall I say 'discussion' in my house for as long as the phrase pickled onions was muttered between my husband and I.

We have both had the honour of tasting both recipes and we are at a complete and total stalemate. So this summer, I pickled over 90lbs of silverskin onions and am now going to officially ask one of you readers to be the tie breaker.

One recipe uses white vinegar and cinnamon while the other recipe uses malt vinegar and pickling spices. Which is James' grans recipe and which is my aunt's? I can't tell you that for fear it would sway your taste buds opinion.

Now all you need to do is volunteer to be the tie breaker and what will happen next will surprise and delight you. If you are randomly selected, I will deliver (via post or in person) a 500ml jar of both versions of the pickles and all you have to do is try them over and over again repeatedly until the jar is empty or pretty darn close to it. At this point in time, all I ask is for you to tell me your thoughts about each and whether or not you have a preference. I would never put you in the uncomfortable position of having to choose one over the other. Unless of course, one is so much better than the other that you have an obvious favourite.

Sound like something you and your tastebuds could handle? Well then, just comment below or on my facebook page and the rest will be down to chance.