Scarborough Sangria

I have served this drink over the past 2 summers and almost every single person that has tried it has quite honestly loved it and most have ended up asking for the recipe and serving it themselves. Not a lie.

If you plan on having friends over for a bbq or up to the cottage or over to the pool for an afternoon of splashing and relaxing and you want to serve a refreshing beverage, this could possibly be the drink of your summer.

There are a couple of fantastic things about this drink and I will list them here in no particular order. It takes barely any time at all to make it. You make it by the pitcher, not by the glass (however you could downsize the recipe and make a glass just for yourself if you wanted), it won't break  the bank and it tastes delicious.

I have called it Scarborough Sangria.

1 bottle or inexpensive red wine (you choose whether that is a Malbec, a Shiraz a Cab Sauv)

1 L bottle of Fresca

Chopped strawberries and grapes (totally and completely optional)


Now here come the instructions though you almost don't need them. Open the bottle of wine and pour into a pitcher, add about half of the bottle of fresca, throw in the fruit and the ice and serve.

May this become the drink of your summer!