Flavoured Vinegars

In previous years people used to give me incredulous looks at this time of year. Some of them even had an undertone of complete disgust. They would ask questions like “You are done already? How is that possible?” and make statements like “People like you drive me crazy”. My organizational skills, while viewed as an asset in most circumstances tended to make people angry at this time of year.

But oh how the times have changed.  This is the first year in at least a decade where I am not done my Christmas shopping. I am struggling on several fronts. Finding the time to shop, finding the desire to shop and finding the inspiration for gifts.

If you are experiencing any of the same issues as me, I may be able to help. This Thursday at The Depanneur I am hosting a class. Now this isn’t the same as my other classes earlier this year. We aren’t going to learn to make jam, jellies or pickles. You will not be constricted by the balance of fruit, sugar, acid and pectin. Oh no…in this class you can let your creativity roam free.

Garlic chive vinegar, raspberry vinegar, apple cinnamon spice vinegar just to name a few of the combinations we will be exploring. I will provide the different vinegars and ingredients as well as a few tried and true recipes but you let your creativity do the rest and see what other combinations you can come up with.

At the end of the class, you will have 2 jars of the vinegar of your choice to take home with you and the opportunity to buy other flavours as hostess gifts or stocking stuffers or just the bottles if you prefer to continue the creativity at home at another time.

Sign up here and see you soon.