How to use Ginger Jelly

This week at the farmer's market I had a lot of great responses to my Ginger Jelly. In fact, besides the Raspberry Jam it was the only other item to sell out. But I did get a lot of questions around where and how to use it. So I thought I would share some of my personal favourites:

  • Put a dollop in your yogourt or cottage cheese and then add sliced almonds. This is so good your eyes will almost roll into the back of your head...honest!
  • Use 1 tbsp of ginger jelly and thin it out with some cider vinegar and use it as a salad dressing.
  • It is amazing on toast, french or pancakes. Mix equal part ginger jelly and soft cream cheese and then spread it over your bread of choice (I like challah) and then sandwich 2 slices together. Brush with an egg wash and then pan fry. Serve with maple syrup and some warmed apple slices.
  • Mix it with soy sauce and use it as a dipping sauce for dumplings or spring rolls
  • It is an amazing rub for pork chops or ham
  • Add it to your favourite stir fry
  • Stir it into your GIGANTIC bowl of vanilla ice cream (or is it just me that would do this?)