Manning Canning kickstarter countdown

Manning Canning kickstarter countdown

Our kickstarter campaign is now LIVE.

Want to know how you can help us open a rentable commercial kitchen?

Do you know that every single food producer, whether it's your favourite samosa maker at your local farmer's market to the hot sauce you pick up at the Butcher Shop around the corner, has to make their product in an inspected commercial kitchen?

Don't worry - you are not alone if your answer was no. The other surprising fact, is that while Toronto is well on it's way to becoming a top culinary destination, there are relatively few rental kitchens in the GTA. This leaves small food producers struggling to find suitable kitchen space so that they can continue to bring you the food you love.

I have decided that NOW is the time. That for Manning Canning to grow and for other small food producers to have a chance to build their businesses that Toronto needs a rentable kitchen space that allows food producers to just show up and create. 

I am ALL in. I have committed financially to this dream and I hope as a food lover, you will too. My kickstarter campaign is now LIVE and I am hoping that those of you that feel as passionately about small food producers and local food, will want to help support this. Donate today! (pretty please with a tilted cherry on top).