Best of Ontario Market

They say you always remember your first. Well for me, I will always remember my first, second and third. And I will always be thankful to them for taking a chance on me.

Tomorrow I am headed up to MacTier, Ontario where there is a wonderful little store called Best of Ontario Market. They sell gorgeous home products that have been carefully selected by Robin who owns and runs the store with her husband. They have a wonderful selection of fresh flowers and their grocery store is filled with curated products that are organic, local, gluten free and artisanal.

Last summer I was thrilled to have Manning Canning join the line up of wonderful products that they carry for locals of the area and cottagers alike. They took a chance on me and were one of the first 3 stores to carry my product. That is something that you don't forget.

It will be a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. Hanging out in their lovely store, surrounded by delicious things and sampling Manning Canning jams and pickles.

Thank you Robin for taking a chance on me.