Lombok and Flores photos

After the scuba diving...which I guess is the next post you will read...little else mattered to me. Ha. We got a driver and started exploring Flores...which is gorgeous. Mom, who has been called a rock star by a friend of mine, actually got on the back of a dirt bike and we went up a volcano to see some stunning lakes. There she sat with her Tilly hat on and a big smile on her face as William her driver bounced her over some pretty rocky terrain on the way up the mountain. It was gorgeous at the top. The crater was grey while the lakes inside were a deep blood red.

We went to a small town called Riung on the north coast and we took a boat out for the day. Went snorkelling, and then to a small island with beautiful sandy beach and swam, ate lunch, etc.

Everyone in Flores is really lovely. Everyone screams out hello, children wave and say 'hello mister'. Ha. It is gorgeous and I am amazed that more tourists don't leave the madness of Bali behind and land in Flores more often.

That said I think mom, Deb and I are happy to be back in Bali. The roads in Flores are windy, bumpy and it takes hours to travel 30 km. It means the views are stunning, but it got hard on the body after a while. WE have found ourselves a nice little bungalow with a swimming pool, hot water (which we never had on Flores) a flush toilet (which we never had on Flores) and today I had a burger for lunch...which as you guessed it was never an option in Flores.