Preserved Peaches and Peach Mango Chutney

I always look forward to my preserving classes at The Depanneur but next Monday's class is really blowing my skirt up. You see I LOVE peaches and I mean LOVE. For many varied reasons.

I could start with the fact that I HATE and I mean HATE winter. Having those jars of golden peachy preserved goodness stacked on my shelves in the basement makes me feel like I have somehow managed to trap a little bit of summer inside each and every jar. And when the snow is falling or the wind is whipping or even when it is dark at 4pm, I know I can crack open a jar and magically be transported mentally back to the middle of August.

The next reason is grounded squarely in nostalgia. My mom used to preserve a lot when I was growing up. But her two, knock it out of the park items were raspberry jam and preserved peaches. So each time I open a jar of preserved peaches it is like she is right there with me. Funny how something as simple as a flavour can bring back a wash of wonderful memories.

And then there is the wonderfulness of the smoky peach chutney we are going to be stirring up. My mouth waters just thinking about it.

If this all sounds intriguing, you are just a click away from learning more about the class.