Quince Honey Farm Giveaway

I have a few favourite things when it comes to the North Devon Countryside. It is hard not to get caught up in the stories your imagination begins to weave as you look out across the rolling countryside; soaking up the beauty of the hedgerows, old stone homes and history that seems to be woven into the very soil of the place.

South Molton is a farming village, so the landscape is also peppered with sheep, cows and if you know where to look - bee hives.

It is a place where you know people live off the land - and that is what I love most of all.

The Quince Honey Farm is a family run business that has been around for more than 60 years. Across the North Devon countryside they have more than 1500 hives nestled in amongst the abundance of Devon Wild Flowers. But the Quince Honey Farm does something interesting with their bees. In August when the North Devon countryside has no more clover for the bees to feed on all 1500 hives are moved up to Exmoor National Park, so that the bees can take advantage of the acres and acres of heather that is readily available.

They load approximately 200 hives a night onto pallets on a forklift and in the darkness relocate them to the moors. It sounds like back breaking work, but the result of this labour is delicious.

Not only does Quince Honey Farm produce magnificent honey, they also have a very informative exhibition called Bee World. Housed within Bee World are numerous educational exhibits that show everything from the process used to harvest the honey from the hives, to how they bottle it, to numerous examples of live bee hives in everything from post office boxes to chimneys.

We sampled several of the different honey's produced and if you know me at all, you know I have never really liked honey. So I really took one for the team here ;).

I purchased a jar of our favourite which was Devon Heather Honey and I brought it back so I could share it with one of you. Want a chance to taste what Heather found on the Moors of Northern Devon countryside does to Honey? Just share your favourite way to use honey right here or on my facebook page. A random winner will be selected on Friday, October 25th.