The Butcher Shop

Three years ago when my husband and I bought our house east of downtown Toronto we were both nervous about what it meant for us as far as good food was concerned. We were moving from an up and coming neighbourhood in Toronto (Leslieville) out into an area we didn't really know (Guildwood) and were used to a variety of great butcher shops, cheese shops, olive stores, etc. What would Guildwood have for foodie's like us?

It didn't take us long to discover The Butcher Shop. Located in a strip mall on the south west corner or Kingston Road and Markham, the first time we entered was with trepidation. But were we ever pleasantly surprised. It was a bustle of activity with friendly staff calling people by name. I loved it immediately. In the past 3 years we have made many a trip to the Butcher Shop. It has by far the best bacon I have ever tasted. Amazing sausages, great frozen chicken pot pies, etc.

I am excited to announce that on Friday, June 15th I will be spending the day sampling an assortment of my jams and pickles at The Butcher Shop. If you are in the neighbourhood come on by and give them a taste.

My spicy zucchini relish would be fantastic on a kobe beef burger or a hot italian sausage. My spicy pickled green beans or carrots will taste great with the cold beer you have while you bbq the delicious t-bone you pick up and my ploughman's pickle is a great addition to the cheese plate you will serve the friends you have up to the cottage :)