Marmalade is back and Pickled Celery has arrived


It has become a bi tof a tradition that every winter when the Seville Oranges arrive my mother in law and I get together for a day and make marmalade. It is from a cookbook that her mother had and her mother's mother had before her. The spine is cracked and the pages have yellowed, but the recipe is still as good today as it was the day it was printed.

This year was no different, except this year we weren't just making marmalade for our personal use, this year I was making it in preparation for the farmer's market. I was amazed last year at how many customers loved the flavour of this old fashioned marmalade and was not going to arrive empty handed for this year's market.

But the creating did not stop with marmalade this weekend. I have been working on a recipe for pickled celery for a while now and have landed on a recipe that I think is perfect. I already have some on the shelves that has been aging for a few weeks now and next weekend it will be time to deliver it to The Meat Dept. So get your tastebuds prepared and have clamato juice on hand, because these babies are going to have you craving Worchestershire and Tabasco Sauce!