Top 5 Tomato Recipes - Pickled, Jammed or Preserved


Over the past few weeks I have literally been picking tomatoes off our 21 tomato plants on a daily basis. Some, like our cherry tomatoes get consumed the moment they are picked because they are so delicious that it is almost like eating candy. Others like our plum tomatoes I have been freezing, the beefsteak have been turned into some of the most delicious tomato sandwiches and the green tomatoes have transformed into green tomato salsa.

If you have an overabundance of tomatoes at the moment and are searching for inspiration on how to pickle, jam or preserve them, look no further. Here are 5 of the most inspiring tomato recipes I have come across this season.

I love this recipe for a couple of reasons. The fact that the flavour gets better once you have frozen the tomatoes and what better way to preserve your tomatoes than to oven roast them and then put them in the freezer for a rainy day.

Ever since my husband bought a Big Green Egg several summers ago he has been all about making his own rubs and bbq sauces. This one tops the list of recipes I want to try in October.

I really hate to see good produce go to waste and I find that at the end of my garden season I am always left with enough green tomatoes to try at least a few different recipes. I was looking for a new pickled green tomato recipe when I stumbled across this one. I will definitely be trying it to see how it compares to my current recipe.

Last winter I really fell in love with tomato jam and I made a couple of different types. Tomato Basil Jam was a tasty option. Spicy tomato jam was also great. Time to add something sweet and savory to the arsenal.

Anytime someone puts tomatoes and basil together in a recipe I want to try it. It is like my kryptonite.

If you happen to try any of the above, share your thoughts. I would love to hear what you thought about them and how they turned out for you.