Now let's talk Marketing

So when I am not chopping, stirring, ladling, grocery shopping or emptying my green bin (cause let's be honest, preserving creates a lot of green bin waste) there is a long list of things to think about. Things that sometimes wake me up at 3am and won't stop spinning around in my mind. Logo, packaging, getting better prices on ingredients, blog design, social media initiatives, retailing, getting more time in the commercial kitchen, liability insurance, which farmer's markets to attend, etc. The list is long and goes on and on and on.

It can be overwhelming if you don't prioritize, so I have shortlisted it to 4. Once these are well in hand, I will start to add in some of the items from above They are:
Farmer's Market Table Display
Blog Design

I have asked my very talented friend Micheline Courtemache of Betty and Bing to design my logo. I can't sing her praises as a designer enough. She designed my wedding invite last June as well as printed them in her gorgeous letterpress print shop. After spending 18 yrs in Marketing you would think that I can write a kick ass design brief. Well usually I can. But when it comes to expressing my thoughts and ideas as it relates to something as personal as a logo for my preserving business (if you can call it that right now) I feel like I failed horribly. But yet somehow, Mich managed to grab the salient points and pull it all together into something that represents almost exactly what I was trying to say.

Well I have seen the first round of logo designs and this fact in less than 12 minutes, I get to take a look at the second round and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. This makes it all feel very REAL. Up until now, I have really just felt like someone with a slight preserving addiction. As I watch the jars filled with all sort of wonderful, fresh ingredients pile up on the shelves under my stairs I haven't been able to connect the dots to actually selling them to anyone. This connects those dots.