The New Family

I was asked by #1000families to take part in their 1000 blog posts about family. I had to sit with the idea for a while to see where my thoughts on family would take me. Ultimately it took me back in time to losing my father in a plane crash at the age of 3, and the strength that my mother has showed over the years raising 5 girls on her own after his passing.

Excerpt from the post is below....

I was born and raised in Drayton Valley, a small town in Alberta. At the time, the population hovered around 5,000 people and my family; mom, dad, four elder sisters and I made up a small part of that population. We were a traditional family living their life in a small town.

When I was just 3 years old, our lives were turned upside down when my father died in a plane crash at the age of 38. Little did I know that this event would change my interpretation of the word ‘family’ before I even understood it’s true meaning and that throughout my life the size and shape of my family would change more than just the once. This entity that I had taken for granted would never be the same again.

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