Happy Easter! And Oatmeal pancakes

So this post was really inspired by Brad when he commented on my Coffee Liquor post on my facebook wall. He suggested it might go well with pancakes. Well that thought stuck in my mind like a burr and this morning I decided to treat James to a nice Easter breakfast. Well at least that is what I told him ;). In reality it was more for me.

I have an oatmeal pancake recipe that I just love. I like pancakes but I find they can be rather heavy. These pancakes are almost more like a crepe than they are a pancake. What would you call that a prepe? Anyways, my friend Kim Turner out in BC shared this recipe with me a few years back and since then it is all I ever make.

Kim's Oatmeal Pancakes

1 cup buttermilk fresh*
1 egg
3 tbsp corn oil or butter
3/4tsp  baking powder
3/4tsp  baking soda
1/2 cup white flour (no substitutes)    
1/2 cup oats  (quaker quick oats not instant are best)

mix dry ingredients
mix wet ingredients separately
then add together

Put batter in the pan, once there are bubbles flip and lightly cook the other side.

* I have never used buttermilk when I make them. I take just slightly under a cup of milk and add a tbsp of vinegar and let it sit for 5 minutes.

I decided strawberries would be a nice addition to serve with the pancakes alongside the more adult syrup :), but I know my friend Kim cooks blueberries right into the pancakes, so feel free to experiment with whatever fruit you want.

Now doesn't that look like a perfect way to start the long weekend! And Brad you were absolutely right...it was delicious.

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!